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Self Assessment & Service Guide

There are a lot of family lawyers in Colorado and we are so thankful that you’re considering Bluebird Law for your case. Before deciding whether any lawyer is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is my legal issue?
  2. How much time am I willing to dedicate to my legal issue?
  3. How much money am I willing and able to spend to resolve my legal issue?
  4. Am I comfortable navigating the Internet and able to use basic computer functions?

If you don’t know what your legal issue is, not to worry. We suggest starting with a case analysis to help you identify the next steps you need to take, the facts that are important to your case and information you need, and the law that will apply to your case.

If you (1) want to manage the cost of your case for your budget, (2) are willing to dedicate at least a few hours per week to your case, (3) and are comfortable navigating the Internet and basic computer functions, Bluebird Law’s custom legal services are likely a great fit for you. Scroll down for a menu of services to get started resolving your legal issues for your family, on your budget. For a limited time only, Bluebird Law is offering free 20-minute consultations with Shannon as a holiday special. Schedule your session now.

If you are not willing to dedicate a few hours a week to your case or are not comfortable navigating the Internet and basic computer functions, consider a lawyer who offers full representation service. Email Shannon at for recommendations of excellent Colorado family lawyers who provide full representation.


Relationship Planning

Moving in with your partner? Planning to get married? Had significant changes in your financial assets during your marriage? Collaborate with your partner to set your financial boundaries and lay the groundwork for a successful relationship by creating either a marital agreement or cohabitation agreement. Or, simply consult with Shannon about your options.


  • Relationship Planning Consultation
  • Pre or Post Marital Agreement
  • Cohabitation Agreement

Dissolution of Marriage & Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Dissolution of Marriage and Allocation of Parental Responsibilities are quite a mouthful, but these are simply the Colorado legal system’s words for Divorce and Child Custody.

Whether you are legally separating from your spouse, deciding how to organize care of your shared children, or both, you will follow the same court process and it is important to be aware of the steps. Bluebird Law offers the following services to help you advocate for your family.


  • Case Analysis
  • Consultation on One or More Issues
  • Prepare Financial Disclosures
  • Review Financial Disclosures
  • Draft Petition
  • Draft Response
  • Draft Disclosure or discovery compliance letter to opposing party
  • Draft Discovery Requests
  • Draft Responses to Discovery Requests
  • Limited Appearance in Court for Permanent Orders Hearing
  • Limited Appearance in Court for Temporary Orders Hearing
  • Limited Representation in Mediation
  • Mediation Between Two Unrepresented Parties
  • Draft Stipulation (Agreement)
  • Draft Joint Trial Management Certificate or Position Statement

Modification of Existing Court Order

If the court has already issued an order regarding Dissolution of Marriage, Allocation of Parental Responsibilities, or Child Support in your case, you can ask the court to modify the order if circumstances have changed and enough time has passed. You can also ask the court to enforce an existing order or to take action against a party for refusing to comply with a court order.


  • Case Analysis
  • Consultation on One or More Issues
  • Draft Motion to Modify Existing Order
  • Draft Response to Motion to Modify
  • Draft Reply
  • Limited Appearance in Court for Hearing on Motion
  • Mediation Between Two Unrepresented Parties
  • Draft Stipulation


In addition to our custom legal services, we have designed a few packages of those services to save you time and money. Check out or packages below:

  • Case Analysis Plus
    1. Case Analysis
    2. Review Petition, Response, or Motion
    3. Two Consultations
  • Information Gathering Package
    1. Two Consultations
    Review and Make Recommendations Regarding Disclosures
    2. Review and Make Recommendations Regarding Discovery Requests
  • Collaborative Family Package
    1. Two Consultations with Co-Petitioners; and Draft Separation Agreement and/or Parenting Plan
    2. Case Analysis; Representation During Mediation; and Review Mediation Agreements, if any
    3. Mediation between Two Unrepresented Parties; and draft Agreement