blue•bird (adj)
A clear day after a storm characterized by blue sky and sunshine.

Our Mission

At Bluebird Law, our mission is to change the way people receive legal services to make the court process more transparent and accessible to people of all income levels. We strive to empower pro se (self-represented) clients with the information and legal services they need to advocate for their families both in and out of court.

What we do

We do things a little differently here. Bluebird Law is reimagining the way lawyers provide family law services to help you manage your own family law case with help from an attorney only when you need it. That way, you pay for what you need and not for what you don’t.

Helping you Do It Yourself

Unlike traditional law firms, we only provide custom legal services. That means you are in charge of your own case and you decide when to hire at attorney. Shannon can help with services like case analysis, drafting and reviewing legal documents, representation in court, and providing issue-specific advice, among others. Check out the Family Law Services page to see a menu of services and packages.

No Hourly Billing

As the boss of your own case, we believe you deserve to know costs up front. That’s why Bluebird Law provides services and packages on flat fees. We do not bill for every six minutes of our time and you won’t receive any surprise bills from us.

Who We Are

Our Clients: You

Nobody knows your family and your case better than you. That’s why we collaborate with you on your case and you’re the most important member of our team. You’re the boss when it comes to your case and you call the shots. We’ll provide excellent advice and legal services to help you achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Shannon Warren, Attorney

Shannon grew up in Colorado and is dedicated to helping our community thrive, including by conserving our natural environment. She is passionate about changing the way lawyers provide services to people who need legal help.

Ricky, Indy & Panda, Pupalegals

Ricky, Indy, and Panda provide entertainment and emotional support to our team and our clients. You may hear them on the phone ferociously warding off intruders and may spot them during a videoconference with Shannon. Don’t be afraid to say hi!

Margot & Ian, Art Contributors

Ian and Margot provide beautiful photos from the wild places in Colorado. Check out more of Ian’s work at